Tenderly I Treasure The Past,
With Memories That
Will Always Last.

Your Love Will Light My Way,
Your Memory Will Ever Be With Me

To Have Known You
Was A Precious Gift

Memories Are A Golden Chain
That Bind Us Till We Meet Again

A Tiny Flower Lent Not Given,
To Bud On Earth And
Bloom In Heaven.

His Life A Beautiful Memory,
His Absence A Silent Grief.

Sweet Are The Memories,
That Never Fade.

Our Happiness Together
Are Memories Forever

Her Friendship Was An Inspiration,
Her Love A Blessing

She Lives With Us In Memory
And Will For Evermore

Gone As The Face We Loved So Dear
Silent The Voice We Loved To Hear

Your Presence We Miss
Your Memory We Treasure,
Loving You Always
Forgetting You Never.

It Broke Our Hearts To Lose You
But You Did Not Go Alone
For Part Of Us Went With You
The Day God Called You Home

Through All The Tears
And Heartache
There’s One Thing For
Which I’m Glad,
That You Choose Me To
Share With You
Those Precious Years We Had.

We Hold You Close Within
Our Hearts
And There You Shall Remain
To Walk With Us Through Our Lives
Until We Met Again
Nothing Is More Precious
Than The Thoughts We Have Of You
To Us You Were So Special
God Must Have Thought So Too

God Took You From Our Home
But Never From Our Hearts

Deep In My Heart You
Will Always Stay,
Loved And Remembered
Every Day.

Gone Are The Days We
Used To Share
But In Or Hearts You’re
Always There

In Life We Loved You Dearly
In Death We Love You Still
You Haven’t Been Forgotten
What’s More You Never Will.

A Special Smile, A Special Face
A Special Mum We Can’t Replace,
You Gave Your Love, Your
Whole Life Through
God Bless You Mum,
We Love You Too.

No Farewells Were Spoken
No Time To Say Goodbye,
You Were Gone Before We Knew It
And Only God Knows Why.

May The Souls Of The
Faithful Departed
Through The Mercy Of God
Rest In Peace

Our Family Chain Is Broken
Nothing Seems The Same
But As God Calls Us One By One
The Links Shall Join Again

Always In Our Hearts,
Forever In Our Thoughts.